Three Ways to Keep Your Immune System in Check

Ensure that your body and immune system are fortified against attack. Like any other bodily system, your immune system relies on balance and harmony to function properly. Stress, diet and exercise—plus other factors like age and sleep—can all significantly impact your long-term immune health. So, it’s important to manage key factors as they present themselves in your daily life, not just when it’s time for your annual flu shot. Below are three top ways to keep your immune system functioning optimally for the long run.

1. Manage and Minimize Stress

In the age of work hard, play hard, instead, try taking a breath and giving yourself a break. Stress naturally triggers fight-or-flight responses throughout your body, resulting in increased breathing and heart rate, muscle tension, and oxygen flow to your brain—which can be good in small doses—but when experiencing chronic stress, your body never receives the signal to return to normal after the perceived threat has subsided. This can pose serious health concerns over time, like high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes, as well as anxiety and depression.

Stress is overwhelming, so start small. Try yoga, meditation, or taking a hike. A relaxing massage or even just a silent moment alone can reduce your heart-rate and help you think clearer.

2. Prioritize Your Sleep

Chronic sleep loss presents similar responses in the body as those caused by stress. So, though it may be tempting to say yes to every social engagement or to attempt conquering everything in a day, it’s not always in your body’s best interest. In times of high stress people often veer from their usual sleeping schedules, or they lose sleep altogether, furthering the decline of their immune and other system functions. You can accomplish a lot in 24 hours, but if sleep isn’t on your list, you’ll miss out on necessary time for your body to recover. Remember, illnesses strike when the defenses are weak, so rest up! If you’re struggling to fall asleep, meditation can help, as well as journaling before bed to clear your head. 

3. Switch up Your Diet

Transitional seasons often bring all sorts of change, whether the weather, your workout routine, or even your personal grocery list. While your body reels from inconsistencies in the weather, keep your systems steady with a fresh and healthy diet. If you frequently eat fried fast-foods or use oil to sauté your veggies at home, this may be partly to blame for your bloated evenings and sluggish mornings. Try making the switch to cooking in a nutrient-rich broth, whose vitamins and minerals can seriously boost your system function.

There are various ways to manage key aggressors that can weaken your immune health, from managing stress and your amount of sleep to making different decisions at the grocery store or even supplementing your diet, with Mend + Defend’s extensive line of premium, immunity-boosting supplements. With products like First Colostrum capsules and powder, and highly bioavailable Zinc PerforMins, making health-conscious decisions that keep your system in check is simple.