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A life of imbalance is a life not fully lived, and continuing your day-to-day in a state of discomfort is a problem. As scientists, problem solving is in our nature. We source and create solutions that bring balance to life and effective, efficient supplements for people struggling with gut health and gastrointestinal distress.

Driven by our own issues with weak immune systems and digestive inadequacies, we set out to develop supplements from the science we know, for the people we love. We take foundational elements from nature and create gut-mending probiotics, immune system supporting essential trace minerals, and gut-supporting colostrum, then bring these solutions to people suffering with imbalances in hopes that they can get the best from nature and the most from life.*

Since 1971, we’ve perfected the art of sourcing quality solutions from nature and designing supplements with science. We provide the answers for anyone who has struggled with digestive upset and distress, who has learned to “live” with immunity deficiencies, or who needs to create more balance in their life.



First Colostrum

GutWell upgrades quality First Colostrum by incorporating Zinc PerforMins™, and GutWell Pro advances GutWell even further through the power of probiotics, to provide optimum immune system and digestive health support.*

PerforMins are our patented essential trace mineral chelates that address inefficiencies in uptake and absorption by complexing the metal molecule to a specific amino acid, increasing the stability of the trace minerals in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Research and testing indicate that this unique molecular complex passes through the low pH of the stomach intact and is stable enough to reach the bloodstream and be absorbed by the tissues and organs where it is needed most.

With the highest absorption rate of any form of trace mineral on the market, including other amino acid chelates, the unique properties of our PerforMins produce the most potent, safe trace mineral supplements on the market.

Containing 50% IMMUNOGLOBULIN G (IgG) and casein-free whey fractions, such as PROLINE-RICH POLYPEPTIDES (6.5%) and LACTOFERRIN, our patented PathWhey™ extraction technology safely removes casein and other non-immunological components to produce one of the most potent, safe colostrum supplements on the market.

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Manufactured in the USA in certified Good Manufacturing process (cGMP) and FDA-registered facilities. 

Our Mend + Defend nutritional supplements are formulated in-house by leading scientists and medicinal chemists for substantiated quality.

Our patented PerforMins molecule technology offers one of the most effective uptake and absorption.

Our patented PathWhey technology extracts casein and other non-immunological components to provide more key nutrients.